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A New Type of Fixed Wing Drone is Emerging and Quickly Becoming the Popular Option for Businesses

A new type of fixed wing drone is emerging and quickly becoming the popular option for business in the public safety, infrastructure and agriculture sectors.

Fixed wing drones enhanced through artificial intelligence (AI) have already proven themselves to be a cut above the rest. These drones are powered by AI can make their own decisions in the air – improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of strategic flight.

A research project conducted by Microsoft uncovered the potential flight benefits of using AI technology to power drones, instead of having to rely on traditional motor methods.

Let’s dive into why an AI drone is becoming the smart choice. Here are four key reasons why AI drones fly above the rest and are the future for business drone use:

1) Increased confidence. Inspired by some species of bird in the way they leverage rising air to fly, having AI built into a fixed wing drone gives the drone the ability to learn and adjust to uncertain flying conditions.

2) Increased range. An AI drone is expected to have ten times the flight range.

3) Environmentally friendly. Cleverly making use of naturally occurring thermals to fly.

4) Increased endurance. The cleverness of these AI drones also means they adjust themselves to fly as efficiently as possible – and there is no dreaded motor trouble to worry you.

The world of artificial intelligence is emerging. This emergence is giving us a genuine alternative to motor-based drones for many and varied business applications. AI drones are certainly worth exploring if you are looking for increased flight range, increased endurance and a drone that is more environmentally friendly while at the same time keeping you confident of its effectiveness in the air.

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